16 June 2016

A glance from Nevsha at Venchan and back - TOUR 9

An incredible spot of the beautiful nature in Bulgaria is the canyon of Provadiya River. It shows picturesque scenes, full of many plateaus, made by the river feeders, some of which have the same height, covered by dense woods and protruding rocks here and there.

The region from Provadiya to Shumen is strewn with natural sights, rocky phenomena, niches, monasteries, antique fortresses etc. As it has been found out recently, the oldest European settlement was discovered just near Provadiya. Bearing in mind all the finds in the area I am not surprised by this fact at all. We don’t know yet if all has been proved or many of the things are only assumptions
The photographic walk can be titled ‘A glance from Nevsha at Venchan and back’! 

 The plateau which above Nevsha village (Varna area) ,
Nevsha village – a photo of the plateau above it

known as ‘Dyuza’, is a preserved location, including a characteristic landscape, rock formations, ruins of a rock monastery, different species of the flora and fauna, as some of their representatives are in the Red Book of Bulgaria . The plateau is divided into two parts – eastern (the Big Veil) and western (The small Veil). They are the reserves. Their typical features are the rocky niches and there are lots of caves in the region.

The views that are revealed are so beautiful that man can gaze at the open spaces for hours.

If you stay longer it is likely to see a train.

The segment from the railway, a part of the first railway Ruse-Varna (in 1866) is at the foot. The plain canyon parts of Provadiya River are the agricultural fields, which complement the scenery with their unusual shapes.

We can clearly distinguish the lines of another phenomenon, called ‘Probit Kamak’ from Dyuza to the next hill.

It represents a stone with a trapezium shape, carved in the middle.

 It is presumed to have been made by the Thracians. It was used as an ancient observatory
or related to their cult of the Sun. At vernal equinox the sunset coincides with the hole.

 It is near Venchan village and the other more famous Kaleto plateau (an object of another tour).
plateau Dyuza

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