16 May 2016


Visiting Monyak again

Although we ticked off all in our preliminary list (part 4) and even more, the road itself took us to a picturesque area, where the ‘Monyak’ fortress was situated.

I will never forget the brown board ‘Monyak’ where six years ago it led us out of the way. After that we climbed up Shesta Krepost peak (586 m) and we were struck by the magical view which was revealed – Studen kladenets dam, the villages on the opposite bank, Kardzhali town, and the scene ended with the depth of the Rhodope Mountains curves.
Since then this place has been one of my favourites. I will not get tired of it no matter how many times I go back to it.
Things hadn’t changed so much for the last six years apart from the road, which the board showed, was blocked with a pile of stones and soil. We stopped by Shiroko pole village but there were no road boards. A kind old man directed us somewhere at the end of the village and following some broken paths we got to the road fork, where we had to go on foot from. The walk was pleasant and the weather was nice in the late afternoon.

All day long the weather supported us and we were away from the rain. 
We were on the top after a 20 minutes’ walk. We were met by the lonely ruins of the fortress walls of the Medieval ‘Mneakos’ or known as ‘Monyak’ or ‘Monek’ nowadays.

Further upwards and here it was – a spectacular view.

You are speechless. You are silent and gazing at the open space in front of you. The place is special somehow. We are feeling it.


On our way back

 the sun was about to hide and give its place to the night but before that it showed a little more of its mountain splendour.

Thus that long day was over.

On the following day we had to leave, at least for now, the beautiful Rhodope Mountains, full of mysticism and magic, but we were about to see a whole lot more ….

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